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HISTORY OF BELIZE belizevacations



Belize, a small country, the only English speaking nation in all of Central and South America, came to be because British sailors, as legend has it, got shipwrecked on her great barrier reef and were forced to venture inland for food and material for repairs. They ventured up the Belize River (as it is now called) where they saw trees towering up to about 100 feet with trunks some six feet in diameter and buttress roots reaching up to about 10 feet forming secure anchors for the great giants called the mahogany tree.

Also found in abundance, a smaller, very tough tree that grew in the lower watery plains, called the logwood tree.  The logwood tree possesses a purple sap that is a dye.  This was the discovery that brought the British back to settle.

The wood carving art of bowl making in Belize began with the carving of the buttresses of the great mahogany with axe, adge and machete.

Wood carving art in Belize goes on today. The mandatory ingredients for a stunning, unique piece of art work is passion, talent and tools. 


And, on your trip to Belize be sure and schedule a visit to Mr. Carl's shop in May Pen Village.


It goes without saying, your trip to Belize must include a visit to one of our many Maya Ruins.


Cool - Refreshing - Delightful 20' Santa Cruz Village Nature's Swimming Hole





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