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An African Grey parrot is said to be one of the smartest non-primate animals known to man. One of the best examples of the intelligence of an African Grey is: Alex ( an acronym for: Avian Learning EXperiment). Alex, at the time of his death on September 6th 2007, at 31 years of age, had the mental capability of a five year old human. Arguably, Alex the African Grey, was the smartest bird alive.

The African Grey parrot has a long history of captivity. These birds are not considered domesticated because many birds are only one or two generations from having been born in the wild. However, there is recorded history of Grey parrot species being kept by wealthy ancient Greek and Roman families.

African Greys come in two species: the Congo and the Timneh. Congo Greys are about 14 inches long while the Timneh Greys are a bit smaller. Also the Timneh does not have the red tail feathers like the Congo Greys.

For people who want to make sure that they do not help endanger a species the African Grey is one of the best parrots to buy. In the United States there are enough domestically raised birds to easily satisfy the demand, thus support for a black market in illegally imported African Greys is not very strong or profitable.

Timneh Greys are cheaper then the Congo Greys. These parrot species, as a whole, is about $900-$2000 USD. It is more expensive to buy a Grey Timneh or Grey Congo parrot from a pet store. One can get a better bargain if they took time to visit a local bird show where individuals, just like you and me, have a hobby that they really love: that of raising their favorite species of parrots. These folks specialize in breeding, hatching and hand feeding their birds. They then attend bird shows and find loving new owners. By having purchased a bird from these specialists, you the new owner, will always have someone to turn to with any questions or advice that you may need in the future as you care for your new bird.

The high amount of sociability that Grey parrots possess means it would be best to give them a lot of supervised time out of their cage. If you are not at home a lot, an African Grey or any other social bird is probably not the right pet for your family. You should never buy any parrot or animal just because you might like to have one. Whether you are considering a Congo or a Timneh it is important to remember you will need a medium large to large sized cage to house your new pet bird. A long term commitment is required for African Greys.

It is wise, that upon your death, you should always have, in writing, a statement saying who you want to to have your beloved African Grey parrot. Unlike a dog that might live to a maximum of 15-20 years, the African Grey lives, on an average, 30-50 years and sometimes as long as 60 years. ~Anthony Benjamin~

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