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belize crocodile

The American Crocodile is the largest reptile in Belize, as males can tip the scales at close to close to 850 pounds while females are a much lighter 400 pounds. They can reach lengths of 15 feet long starting as hatch-lings at about 8 inches long and weighing under 2 pounds.

Unlike the Morelet's Crocodile and the Speculated Caiman, where in Belize their respective rages end where the others begin, the American Crocodile's rage encompasses all of Belize. Actually, the American Crocodile has one of the widest ranges of all the reptiles that are under the Order of Crocodilia in the Americas. Formal rage includes most of Central America, Northern South America, South Florida, and most of the Caribbean Islands.

Like the Saltwater Crocodile of Australia the American Crocodile does like saltwater. Most Crocodilia, including Alligators, though they prefer not to, can live in saltwater and crocodiles have even been found at sea. The crocodile's liking to saltwater is why they have populated such a wide rage, see above paragraph. One of the largest known populations of American Crocodiles is actually in a hypersaline lake in the Dominican Republic.

Though the American Crocodile is not generally as aggressive as other species in Australia and Africa they are, none the less, a very dangerous animal. Due to their skin color they are hard to spot in the water and on river banks. All rivers, lakes and banks in Belize or in any other tropical climate known to be a habitat for these animals should be approached with caution. ~ Anthony Benjamin


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