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Fried Jacks

2 cups Flour -  2 1/2 tsp. baking powder -  1/2 tsp. Salt -   2 tbsp. Shortening -  1 cup water -  1 cup cooking oil


Mix all dry ingredients together. Add shortening and mix in well. Add water gradually and mix until dough is soft without being sticky. Knead until smooth. Form into small balls and let rest. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan. While oil heats, start rolling out each flour ball to make a thin circle. Cut the circle into three wedges, or divide into quarters. Make a cut in the center of each piece. When the oil is very hot, slide in as many pieces as will fit in the frying pan. Large air bubbles should form as the cook. Turn when brown on first side. Remove from pan when golden brown on both sides.



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