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kinkajous - night walker

Kinkajous are a nocturnal mammal. In Belize, Central America the local Belizean name for a Kinkajou is commonly called a “Night Walker.” Kinkajous are closely related to the Raccoon and Coati both of which also reside in Belize. 

The cute furry little Kinkajous have a brownish golden fur color and are only about 4-7 pounds fully grown. A Kinkajou has very sharp claws and a tail of 12-15 inches which is sometimes be longer then their body. This long tail to helps a Kinkajou climb or stretch from one tree to another.


Kinkajous in Belize live in the beautiful jungles and mangroves throughout the country. In the day Kinkajous sleep in old tree holes hollowed out by birds such as wood peckers. Most Kinkajous will become active about 1 hour after sunset till about 1 hour before sunrise, depending on time of the year.


The daily diet of a Kinkajou is over two thirds fruit with their favorite being figs however, they are still scientifically classified as a carnivore. Kinkajous love flower nectar and with their five inch tongue they will just lick out the nectar. However, some Kinkajous will sometimes simply eat the whole flower instead of going through the tedious licking proses.


Kinkajous are kept as a pet in many Central American countries. Due to a Kinkajous nocturnal instincts they can be come very aggressive when kept awake during day time hours. However, Kinkajous are very calm and playful when their sleeping times are respected. Though it is legal to own Kinkajous in certain Central American countries there are many Kinkajous that are captured for illegal sales in the USA.


If you go to Belize the Kinkajou is just one of the many animals you should add to your check list. Do not feel bad if you do not see Kinkajou for they are very illusive. Remember when visiting Belize leave nothing but your footprints and take nothing except your photos and most importantly your memories! ~Anthony Benjamin~

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