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lubaantun maya ruins   

"Lubaantun" means “place of fallen stones” in the modern day Mayan language, however, the ancient name of these ruins is unknown. The central section of this site sits on an artificially raised platform between two small rivers and is quite large. Researchers have basically come to the conclusion that it was most likely what is known today as a military defense post or site.

Lubaantun is dated from the Maya Classic era and flourished from the AD 730s to the 890s. Excavations show that Lubaantun seems to have been completely abandoned soon after this time-frame. The architecture is rather unusual in comparison to the typical Classical central lowlands Maya sites.

Lubaantun's structures are typically built of large stone blocks. These large stones are laid with no mortar between them and almost all of these stones are black slate stone instead of the typical limestone that is found in that region. Interestingly, many of the Lubaantun structures have unique staggered tiers and each tier is built with a “batter” with every second course tier projecting slightly beyond the tier below it. All corners of the step-style pyramids are normally rounded and do not have stone structures atop the pyramids. It is presumed some had such structures that were made of perishable materials in the ancient past.

A unique feature of Lubaantun is its large collection of detailed miniature ceramic objects found in the ruins. It is believed these are charmstones that were used in some type of ritual.

Lubaantun's elevation is 200 feet above sea level and is located in Belize's southern Toledo District. It is located about 26 miles northwest of Punta Gorda Town and about 2 miles from San Pedro Columbia village.

Lubaantun is accessible to visitors by automobile. A small visitor center is now located on the property that charges a small admission fee to the ruins. ~ Anthony Benjamin

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