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In this article when I say, "bird(s)" or "parrot(s)" I will be referencing "True Parrots." Parrots can be very picky eaters. All parrots eat seeds and only some eat fruit. Though it may seem odd, many parrots will only eat fruit(s) to get to the seed(s).

Many seeds often consumed by parrots have certain poisons on their shells to protect the seed. Prior to ingestion, a parrot must be vary careful to remove all seed coatings which have a chemical mixing that could make them deathly sick. Some fruits when eaten by parrots, to get to the seeds, are only poisonous if the fruit is not fully ripe.

If a parrot does not get all the poisonous seed coating off and ingests poison all is not lost. It is widely known that many parrot species around the world eat clay. Commonly agreed on by avian experts is the fallowing: (that) parrots eat clay to release minerals which absorb poisons out of the birds stomach. This process allows the poisons to pass through the parrot without much harm to the bird.

Almost all parrots use a method of holding a seed with its' upper and lower mandibles while, at the same time, the lower mandible crushes the husk. Once a parrot has crushed the husk the seed is then rotated to remove it. The seed is then extracted from the husk and is ingested.

In the wild a parrots instinct lets them know what and what not to eat. However, as a parrot owner, you must know what food to give and what food you should not give your bird to keep it healthy and happy.

Foods not to be given to your bird:

Chocolate or Avocado
Caffeine or Alcohol
Apple seeds, Peach pits and Cherry pits: These contain cyanide.
Dairy products: Birds cannot digest it.

Foods that may be given to your bird: These are stand alone foods, other then store bought bird food:

Water (of course)
Fruits: Without seeds.
Vegetables: Without seeds.

Remember to take care of your bird(s) properly. By doing so your feathered friend(s) is sure to give you much joy and happiness! ~Anthony Benjamin~

Anthony Benjamin, an avid writer, world traveler and a great lover of nature. He shares his adventures with his readers via his writings and via his hobby of building websites such as this one:



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