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My name is Tony.  I am 15 years old.  I was born in a very small, remote village in Belize, Central America.

Unfortunately, I was born with a very serious heart condition.  I was also born with other very serious medical challenges, including a very rare syndrome that is lethal in males.  There is no known cure and less than 600 known cases - all girls.   Males are spontaneously aborted.

My mother left Belize with me to get my desperately needed, life saving, medical care right after my birth.  In my early years I visited death's doorstep many, many times.  The doctor's said I would never talk, know when I was hungry, nor know when to stool or urine and I'd be mentally challenged.  My initial life expectancy was no more than 7 years. I'll soon be 16!

As a baby, mother taught me sign language.  I did not talk until I was about 5-1/2 years old.  Although, today, I am very articulate, I still "sign."  Sign language is beautiful and very special to me.

My medical journey has been long and challenging.  I have been blessed with many medical miracles.  I know my Creator has a very special plan and purpose for my life!

My medical team is made up of several specialists.  I deeply love all of my doctors!  My dream is to be a doctor, saving the lives of children (and their pets!) in yet developing countries.

I cannot play contact sports.  I have no interest in sports.  However, I love music!  I compose songs, sing publicly and play 6 musical instruments.  My violin is my favorite instrument.  My second favorite instrument is the piano. My favorite music to play (and compose) is classical.

I also love working on the computer.  I began building websites when I was just 11 years old. 

My mother, an avid photographer, has always spoken of my "rich cultural heritage," and has taught me everything humanly possible about "our beloved Belize, the Jewel of the Caribbean."

One day I decided to take my mother's pictures and her "rich cultural heritage" teaching and write an eBook.  After writing a couple of chapters in my eBook I had another great idea: turn each chapter into a 'niche' website!  This website continues to develop!

Mother most proudly calls me her "life loving over achiever."  I do love and appreciate life!   And, I try to get the most out of it!

I am deeply grateful for my family, friends and fellow Belizeans who have caught my vision for this website.   My deep feelings of appreciation for their pictures, articles and words of encouragement cannot be adequately expressed.

If you, my website visitor, are a fellow Belizean or have a business in Belize that you would like to be considered as a part of this website do not hesitate to email me at: 

One day I am confident that I will be able to return to my country of birth. This website will not be complete until I am able to share that experience (and my mother's pictures!) with the whole wide world.   My mother and I eagerly look forward to that wonderful day!

Thank you for visiting my site! "Tony"



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